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Welcome. My name is Jimmy Cameron. Be sure to check out my Shreveport car dealer links page! Also learn how we can save you money on your next car deal!

Interior Motives is a business I started to help people like yourself have an auto interior that looks new no matter what the age of your vehicle.

We are a completely mobile team of auto interior repair and restoration specialists based out of Shreveport, La. We can come to you and repair nearly anything cosmetically wrong with the interior of your auto.

We will repair and/or re-dye damage such as cigarette burns, stains, rips, worn spots, etc. to the following areas:


Have you ever been on a used car lot and seen a car with an interior in excellent condition? Well, if you have, you probably thought to yourself; WOW! Whoever had this car must have really taken care of it! While some people are extremely careful what they do to the interior of their vehicle, most of us never think we'll spill that drink, drop that lit cigarette, or puncture a hole in that leather. Reality says that perfect interior you were gazing upon was restored by an interior repair professional.(maybe even us.)

Car dealers are well aware that a super clean interior raises the overall value of a vehicle. You should be too! When you have a super clean interior, not only does the manager think you took really good care of it, he knows he's not going to have to spend any extra money and downtime repairing the inside. Therefore, he's going to give you more for it. How about an average of $700.00 more!

And we're not talking about a couple hundred dollars to get your vehicle looking new on the inside again. Our average charge for repairs performed is only $43.00. That's it! Only $43.00!

If you are trading or just want to refresh your interior, please give us a call and we will make the inside of your car look new again!

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Diamante interior

Allow us to make your interior look new again for a repair average of $43.00

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Contact us by phone: 318/679-0079 or 318/671-9824.

We promote 100% customer satisfaction!

Before and After Pictures

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